• Because

    Working Remotely

    Lacks Collaboration


    Acheive greater performance

    from employees working from home

  • A Message From Our Founder

    What are we losing with our new work-from-home culture?


    We awake from our Covid hibernation and enter a workplace culture that morphed dramatically during our slumber. Our needs for 40+ hours a week in a centralized meeting space have been unanimously disbanded. We celebrate with good riddance to lengthy commutes and farewell lofty dry-cleaning bills. Higher efficiencies, lower overheads, and boosted morale put optimism into our forecasts.


    In just a short amount of time we stop growing. Our performance is static. We lack creativity. We lose ambition. We become misinformed and soon disengaged. But why?

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    We all know the phrase, the right tools for the job. But sometimes the most important tools aren’t so obvious. Often, the instruments of success aren’t found in the supply cabinet or in the tool room. The most important resources an employee needs to be successful begin within their social constructs. Collaboration, peer support, encouragement and feedback are what allows employees to operate at their best, stay well-informed, make rational decisions, and achieve personal growth.

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    The collateral education of workplace collaboration is either overlooked or perhaps doesn’t outweigh the benefits of the home-office opportunity enough to warrant further investigation.


    Employees working from home need the support of their peers to craft their work into something new, interesting, continuously improving. Alone these remote workers become static and ineffective.

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    Give your employees the gift of Real-Time Consulting so that they may reach out to a living body for all reasons necessary. Brainstorming, general opinion, sounding-boards, inspiration, and fresh lenses are just a few of the ways to support your remote team.


    Give them the opportunity to be motivated and encouraged with confidential support available for all their needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.